‘Your Neighborhood Concierge’ launches

Courtney Daniel • 1 August 2017

RYE — Daniel Assistants Group is about to launch its latest project called, “Your Neighborhood Concierge.”

The husband and wife team of Jarrett and Courtney Daniel has been doing consulting and lifestyle management in the Seacoast and southern Maine since 2013. The company has been helping its clients bring meaningful structure to their everyday life.

“The majority of our clientele has been established business owners who want to make sure everything is in its place,” Jarrett said.

One of his clients is Alissa Bournival, owner of Bournival Jeep in Portsmouth. “I’ve helped her personally and professionally,” he said. “I also do social media for Bournival and help with the auto dealership’s test track that was created in 2015.”

Daniel Assistants has also partnered with Senior Helpers in Stratham, where it provides services for seniors and veterans.



Source: SeaCoastOnline