Aiken 150, Concierge Real Estate Services

Lead Community Concierge • 26 July 2017

Customer service is a high priority for The Concierge Team – A Real Estate Brokerage. Because of their wealth of experience, knowledge and connections in the Aiken area, the company is able to meet all of your buying and selling needs. They have certified professional referrals for building your new home or renovation to turn your home into a dream!

“We have a new approach to shopping for your real estate needs that includes an interactive office,” said Founder and Broker in Charge Cat Deegan. “We are laser focused on our customers’ timelines and financial goals. We have certified professional, resources for all aspects of home ownership before, during and after sales.”

The Concierge Team would be delighted to show you around their new office and see how they can make your real estate journey an enjoyable one.

“We have high expectations for our clients, and for ourselves,” Deegan said.

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