Air's Champagne Parlor

Darryl Heslop • 6 July 2017

What's The Word? 

"I have been smitten with this guy at work pretty much since the day he started. 

I know that's a total violation of the work ethics handbook.  But I won't tell if he won't.

Plus, we don't work on the same team and we are basically equal with respect to title.

For the last 6 months, I've noticed him smiling at me and I have done my best to only politely smile back.

Last Thursday, we bumped into one another in the pantry and the smiles went rogue.

So much for small talk, before I knew it I agreed to cocktails that evening at a place of my choosing.

I played it cool all the way back to my office, but once inside I frantically texted FLY, "Cool place for a first date??!!"

FLY responded, "Air's Champagne Parlor. 127 MacDougal Street." 

Never one to kiss and tell, but I will say this...

Air's was the perfect place to violate corporate policy.

Thanks FLY!

- As recounted by a client of FLY Concierge