Gibel Zarzuela – The Personal Concierge Interviews #1

Abbie Allen • 24 July 2017

It seems that Gibel Zarzuela, founder of G-Zees Solutions, always had the desire to run her own business. When she was a kid she wanted to be "a business owner like my parents".  In fact, it is her mother whom she most admires. "I would like to provide for my mother as she did me."

Gibel, from Scottsdale, Arizona, grew up between The Dominican Republic and New York, before moving to Miami, Florida. Although still in the beginning stages of her business, she is very focused on her goal for her business, of "being able to set my schedule for when I have kids." Gibel loves setting up her schedule and choosing what she does, which is a great approach for someone entering the personal concierge industry.

Gibel finds inspiration in many places. Her two favourite books are The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie. "You only fail when you stop trying" is her favourite quote and she would love to have dinner with the inspiration writer and speaker Tony Robbins.

Prior to starting her business, Gibel was in the wireless industry. "I worked with customers that didn't have anyone to show them how to use technology or to run errands for them. Also when I moved across country nobody had an idea on which businesses to use or recommend around the area." This proved to be the inspiration she needed to start her own personal concierge service. In her business, Gibel would like to focus on providing transportation and errand running services.

Gibel has found two key things have been crucial in the beginning stages of her business. "Pace yourself  or it could get overwhelming," she says "and track your expenses from day one." She has also encountered some obstacles in the process. It has been hard to find liability insurance, which is still a common occurrence for new personal concierge business. It has also been a challenge with "people not understanding what I will be doing." Education of clients is certainly still key for personal concierge business owners.

Gibel Zarzuela



Gibel Zarzuela
G-Zee's Solutions
"You only fail when you stop trying."







Source: The Concierge Society