The insane job of a luxury Ibiza concierge CEO - Serena Cook - who looks after the wild demands of Saudi royals, Russian billionaires, and Hollywood stars

Pamela Alfred • 26 July 2017

A summer stint on the white isle of Ibiza is as much a status symbol for the rich and famous as a fancy car or designer watch.

And as founder and CEO of Deliciously Sorted, a luxury Ibiza concierge company, it's Serena Cook's job to ensure that every detail is perfect during their stay.

Cook has made a living out of tuning into the wants and needs of wealthy clients.

"I have to say I do have the most amazing life of anyone I know," Cook told Business Insider.

"Yes we have lots of famous clients, it's the nature of the beast really."

Cook's firm organises stellar birthday bashes, bohemian weddings, and incredibly fancy holidays for Saudi royals, Russian billionaires, fashion designers, and Hollywood stars who visit Ibiza.


by Lukasz Janyst



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