Roxy Robinson • 4 August 2017


Roxstar has been operational since 2009 and they provide services in 127 countries worldwide and now it’s the perfect time to launch their flagship memberships to the world. This is a collective of thousands of hours of work, not limited to time, over the past three years, enhanced and focussed on sourcing only the very best of suppliers and partners, linked in   a network of elite and prestigious, luxurious and top class partners.  Roxstar Concierge Limited is launching its model membership, the sports membership and the ultimate PA club membership.  An exciting time fulfilling great benefits suitable to the needs of others servicing each memberships’ niche requests.

The world of enjoyment is linked by outings, events, destinations and experiences!  Roxstar Concierge is the company that stands apart from the others.  Why, you may ask?  Dedicated staff, trained and experienced follow by example that of the CEO, Roxy Robinson.  Who is she?

After years of being the forefront of events and coordination company, Pickaflavaevents & Promotions, Roxy became aware of the need to assist, guide and help people enjoy the best life they can live.  She began investigating the market, not limited to her surrounds of South Africa but looking globally, from London to Europe and the USA.  Travelling extensively and growing a large network of clientele she began her business plan to grow a Concierge business that will deliver on its promises and commitments.  Accountability in today’s world is a “niche” on its own, Roxy has put in place different levels of service of the highest standards to cater for her clients. 

Whether it’s a private jet or a Michelin restaurant, Private Spa treatments to just relaxing on an island resort lapping up the sea and fresh air, Roxstar Concierge will ensure your requirements are uniquely met and delivered beyond your expectations.  This, Roxy says is the key – why do people get disappointed in life? It is mainly because they have certain expectations that they assume will occur, when they don’t work out that way, disappointment arises and a negative experience are had.  Roxy, through her company Roxstar Concierge and her dedicated staff remove the unexpected and produce the expected, this is the culture and work ethic that puts her and her company at the very top.  This is the reason why her clients are retained and referrals are streaming in.

An exciting time is ahead for Roxstar Concierge as they now launch their membership model internationally from their London offices.  Roxy actually turned away an investment offer of £500 000.00 as she felt that the company wanting to link their name to Roxstar Concierge was not fitting for her image.  Roxy is a currently seeking investors who have a passion for helping people ensure they live the best life possible.

Having been in the industry for years, Roxy after landing her largest contract which was the soccer WORLD CUP in South Africa, began her global domination driven by providing excellence in all she does. She as a person, is driven 24/7 to achieve, is undoubtedly very ambitious.  From successfully building global companies to maintaining relationships with key private clients and corporate clients, whilst growing the database each year of high net-worth loyal customers.

A true, professional business woman Roxy started her first company when she was 17 years old after identifying a gap in the market for beautiful promotion models who are also sociable and well-spoken. Roxy serves as a role model for the youth and other women. Outside of business, she is a supporter of numerous charities and a proud ambassador for the TGO Foundation.

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